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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I was defrauded out of the proper care & discriminated against by a judge for blowing the whistle on a crooked doctor.  I can prove everything i'm saying even though NY workers compensation is trying to deny it. I've been hospitalized for 16 months & died on the operating table & had my right leg amputated. Watch my video please & call me. I will testify against 2 judges & have all the evidence to prove everything i'm saying in this video & MORE. Verbal abuse, fraud, crooked doctor, crooked judge, tampering with & removal of evidence while my case was in full board review all because I reported fraud & false doctor reports. I have the minutes to the case, to the deposition where I protest the case & the crooked judge kept pushing the case along. Then because this judge was allowed to remain on the case he ruled against me, we appealed & sent in overwhelming evidence & competent medical evidence & they claimed they didn't get it. I showed tracking, signature etc.. Then they claimed they sent it back to me, yet they had no tracking, receipts, signatures etc.. Lies & fraud by the NY workers compensation board to cover for the angry bias judge. I filed at least 6 complaints against him with Gov Cuomo, Senator Gillibrand, Carolyn Maloney, workers comp etc.. I have the responses from the letters & none of them helped. I made a 56 page omplaint against the judge & the head judge "Stevenson" covered for him & only removed him AFTER he ruled against me. Then because he ruled against me ILLEGALLY, the appeals board did too but didn't know we sent in evidence, then we appealed to the NY Supreme Court & they said "there was no new evidence so the case was wrongfully before them" but the evidence was illegally tampered with & removed by the Sr law Judge & allegedly sent back to me. My lawyer quit when I asked him to testify against the judges for what happened. I tried to get a lawyer to sue all of them & none would sue NY State out of fear. I created a blog to prove everything i'm saying & now a video.. I won't stop till I've exposed NY State for attempted murder, wanton discrimination, tampering with & removing evidence, fraud, racketeering etc.. They were mad that I blew the whistle on them. The law states that if there's any uncertainty on behalf of the crooked IME doctor, it automatically goes in favor of the injured claimant. They didn't allow that & then fraudulently claimed I didn't meet my burden which is a lie. My lawyer quit the case in 2010 after I asked him to testify against the crooked judges. The judge on the case verbally abused me for 3 years before he was finally removed from the case, but not before he ruled against me. I protested right on record & told him I'm going to file more complaints against him. Then I found out the IME doctor got caught committing fraud in the NY Supreme Court AFTER I reported him.. You have to be kiddding me. I reported that & workers comp broke all ties with me, yet they still ;pay me every week. I warned them I would get even any way I can. Robert Beloten knew all about it because I sent letters to him. They tried to kill me by not allowing m,e to get the proper care & allowing a partial angry out of control screaming bias judge to remain on the case till I started calling the board & threatening to get even. But then Aug 18th 2014 I collapsed & died, was brought to the hospital, emergency heart surgery & lost my leg, with irreparable damage to the left leg & 13 operations. Call me please. Let's write a book or make a movie.. I am going to destroy workers comp & prove they did this to me on purpose as I have all the evidence. The ins lawyer lied in court & the judge refused to validate his claim & ruled against me right there in court, then I provided evidence that he lied & that's when the  fraud started & the lying. I documented everything.. receipts, etc.. =))))) Let's destroy them together. Watch my video

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Discriminated Against by NY Workers Compensation IME Doctor SCAM

Monday, June 22, 2015

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